So I felt idle and decided to take a selfie!!! Muhahahahahah SELFIE. I single plait my hair and hoping that it dont fray out too fast. #Teamnatural #lazysunday #selfie #idle #hungrywithasmile

I have my #SheaLuv268. My hair is happy. @shealuv268. Thanks hunny!!!!!!

So I have squeezed enough limes to make 2 cups of lime juice. Now for some Lime-ade

This goes out to all my IG Fam taking hella ton of Selfies!!!! My challenge to you!

Lol just playing!!! Lmao I know yall cant read!!! #noshade #allLove #youknowIkid

Poor chicken’s confused. Surprised ppl still suffering from it.

Good morning IG fam. Have a fabulous day!!

Goodbye day. Hello night. Created with Photo Collage Maker.

Look at my reflection and almost freak out by the amount of strands or locks of hair that insist on saluting everyone that passes.

Seriously, not in the mood this week. But a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. #workvibes #mornings #missingmybed.

And the next chapter was 10 chapters ago

Say it like it is hun.

As #TropicalStormGonzalo pass through the trees bow in surrender.

Felt my naps look fly today so decided to take a #Selfie. #Teamnatural #nofilter #nomakeupneeded #chubbycheeks #feelingmyself. Have a good Saturday everyone!!!

The truth. Just gotta take some time out and have a #rumandcokefloat and say screw them I am #awesome. #youcantstopme

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